Rogersville woman thankful after being rescued from floodwaters

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A Hawkins County woman is thankful for her life after her truck was trapped in rushing floodwaters. First responders had to pull her to safety.

It happened Thursday morning on Blevins Road along Big Creek in Rogersville.

WATE 6 On Your Side reporter Elizabeth Kuebel traveled to Rogersville and spoke with the woman rescued about the frightening moments.

“To be trapped inside the cab of that truck, and you cannot get out and to see that water coming up, and you can’t stop it. You don’t know how deep it’s going to get,” Connie Hickman said. 

Hickman, reflecting on what she said was one of the most terrifying experiences of her life. 

She was trapped inside her pick-up truck, filling with water, after driving across a flooded road. 

“The water level had gotten mid-headlight level, and I was thinking to myself ‘ok this is not good.’ I still can’t see because it’s starting to cover up my headlights. I’m not going to know where I’m going. I need to stop and turn around or try to do something. And by the time that thought processed in my brain, it was already over my hood, and had already started to move me,” Hickman said. 

Hickman feared for her life, but first responders soon came to her rescue. They broke out a window and pulled her to safety. 

“I was ecstatic. I was like ‘oh my God. I knew you guys would get here.’ I was so, so thankful. So happy,” she said. “Without them, I would not be standing here.”

And the driver, now passing along a valuable lesson learned: “Don’t cross the water. I don’t care if you’re in a big monster truck, don’t,” Hickman said.

There are four words that mean more to Hickman now than ever before – “turn around, don’t drown.” 

Hickman tells us she’ll now carry with her a tool she can use to break the glass and windows in her car, if she ever does need to escape again. She also made it clear, she won’t ever be driving through a flooded street again.

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