Rushing waters, flooded roads cause drivers to turn around

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Heavy rainfall causing flooding concerns for many throughout the area, with a few roads in Anderson County covered in rushing water.

One particular area in Clinton caused several drivers to turn around Wednesday.

Hinds Creek in Clinton had water well over the road, making it impossible to cross and unsafe to pass through. Several drivers were observed by WATE 6 On Your Side reporter Kirstie Crawford, having to stop and eventually turn around from the water. 

Anderson County crews set up cones so people would know the road is closed. 

Irwin Mill Road is prone to flooding after much rainfall. but people in the area are aware and know to take different routes. 

Tennessee Highway Patrol says even if there’s a little water covering the road, don’t go there. 

“Turn around don’t drown,” says THP Lt. Don Boshears. “Don’t try to drive through standing water. You don’t know what’s underneath it. You don’t know if the roadway is there or part of the roadway is washed out.”

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