MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Scam callers have been impersonating local police the Blount County Sheriff’s Office reported.

The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that the calls seem legitimate at first. The call comes from an 865 area code. The caller states that they are an officer with the sheriff’s office. They then say that the person they are calling has a warrant, or that they owe money for fines and will be arrested. The caller then asks the individual to meet in person to deliver the cash.

One viewer emailed WATE to share her story. The scammer called her and told her she had a warrant for her arrest because she had been summoned for jury duty but had never arrived. He also told her that she needed to pay fines or she would be arrested, and that she was under a “suppression order” so she could not talk to anyone else about the call.

Luckily, this viewer realized it was when the caller started giving her directions for how to deliver the money. She then called the Blount County Sheriff’s Department. The sheriff’s office said they have received a few calls about this scam.

The sheriff’s office is asking people to be cautious. They say deputies will never call to tell people that they owe money or have warrants, and that if they do not say they will be arrested. Deputies do call individuals, but they do not ask for money or threaten arrest.

The sheriff also shared that anyone who receives a call like this, or any other call that feels suspicious, can report it to Blount County Communications.