KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Sevier County Library System is gathering stories reflecting on the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks ahead of the the 20th anniversary to provide a lasting archive for future generations to look back on. There are two ways the Sevier County citizens can participate.

The first is through a series of video interviews. Until Sept. 1, anyone can call the library at 865-453-3532 to set up an interview to share their experience. The program was created by genealogist Tim Fisher as a way to gather the history of Sevier County citizens during that day in 2001.

“We can’t change history, but we have to save it and not repeat the bad history,” Fisher said of the program,

There will also be an interactive memory display for people to leave their reflections of the attack on the World Trade Center in New York. In the foyer of the library, a trifold board will be set up for visitors to draw or write on. Visitors are welcome to leave their observances from 9/11, share their feelings on the event or write their hopes for the future.

The goal of the display is two-fold. First, the library hopes this will provide a collection of primary sources for those who were not born or are too young to remember the event. The second is to provide a positive outlet for anyone who wishes to express the “fear and anger that this time in our history provoked.” The display will be up from August through the end of September.

The interviews will be shared on the library YouTube channel, SevierCoLibraries, in small vignettes. The display board messages and artwork will be put into a file and kept in the history center.