Sevierville family looking for missing parakeet

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SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — There’s been a post flying around social media as a Sevier County family searches for a unique lost pet.

The owners are offering a $200 reward for the safe return of this beloved family member, “Everest,” the parakeet.

WATE 6 on Your Side’s Kristen Gallant was in Sevier County today were she spoke to the owners who are asking for the public’s help in bringing Everest home.

Middle Creek Greenway is one of the last places Autumn Karch’s pet parakeet was seen.

Now, she’s asking for the public’s help in finding her pet parrot.

“We were just walking out the door and she just flew right past us,” said Karch. “It happened so fast we didn’t even know what to think. We ran after her and no sign of her.”

Like a dog or cat for some of us, Everest is more than just a bird for Karch and her Fiancée, Nate Dowdy.

“She’s like our child at this point,” said Dowdy. “We miss her a lot. We just want her back home.”

Everest is a part of the family.

“She’s an Indian Ringneck Parakeet,” explained Karch. “When I first started my job at Parrot Mountain I saw her and it was love at first sight. She ran up right to me. She chose me and she’s been my baby for so long I just really want her home.”

Everest went missing on Monday and they have been out searching for her ever since.

“She has a red beak,” add Karch. “She’ll fly up into the trees, on a roof top, she could be in your own backyard really. I mean she could be anywhere.”

She has been spotted in several places around Sevierville, but has been hard to catch.

“She’s really shy,” said Karch. “She might not come down to someone she doesn’t know, so definitely contact us first.”

Dowdy said Everest will respond to food and loves to whistle, but isn’t use to being outside,

“She’s skittish around other birds. So if she sees any birds, especially ones bigger than her since she’s never been outside, she’ll probably try and fly away. Just if you see her fly away let us know which direction she flew and that way we can narrow our search down more and help us find her better.”

Parakeets, which are a part of the parrot family are tropical birds.

Another factor that Dowdy and Karch are worried about is the cold weather.

If you see Everest in your neighborhood, you can call her owners at 573-513-5823.

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