KNOXVILLE, Tenn — Enkeshi El-Amin, a sociologist who studied at the University of Tennessee, will begin the next summer semester of “Sew it, Sell it” camp in the next two weeks. 

Sew it, Sell it is an educational business program that teaches teens how to sew and sell the creations they make. A large portion of the camp includes learning how to run a business.

The teens pitch their new business to professionals in the community at the camp’s very own market day. 

“It kind of started out with me doing a lot of sporadic sewing classes here and there in the community,” El-Amin said. “And when I graduated from UT last year and I finished my doctoral studies, I wanted to do something to give back to the community. I also wanted something that was fun, kind of bring in community members, and work with kids. I thought sewing would be a good way to do some of that. We started Sew it, Sell it as a program where kids learn how to sew, and they learn entrepreneurship.”

El-Amin said she has plans to expand Sew It, Sell It to an after-school program and expand the work center to include all forms of creating.