NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A nun who starred alongside Peyton Manning in some of his earliest commercials has died.

Sister Maris Stella Mogan died Monday, April 18 after an extended illness. She was 90 years old.

Mogan held positions in several Catholic schools around the state, but is perhaps best known for her time in Knoxville, where she served in health care and teamed up newly graduated Peyton Manning in several award-winning commercials for St. Mary’s Medical Center.

In the commercials, Mogan is usually seen running long distances to catch and return passes from Manning. In one, Manning throws the football over a building, where the pass is caught and returned with equal strength by Sister Maris Stella. Miracles are possible, the tagline says.

“Be careful, sister” Manning calls out as she scurries down a walkway.

“Thank you,” Sister Maris Stella says politely, never slowing down.

“”I don’t know about this,” Manning tells the camera, as he launches a pass over a building. “Did she catch that?”

Viewers hear Sister Maris Stella saying “coming back atcha!” as the football is returned over the building.

In October 1999, WATE 6 Anchor Lori Tucker spoke with the Sister Maris Stella and her sister about those commercials.

“I enjoyed that part, I didn’t mind that at all,” Sister Maris Stella told Tucker during the interview, smiling.

A private funeral was held at Mercy Convent in Nashville.

“She will be remembered for her love, her smiling face and her generosity to those in need,” her obituary said.