Small tip makes big difference for Blount County fast-food worker with special needs

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — It’s the little things that can make a big impact on someone; one Blount County McDonald’s employee with special needs received a gift that many wouldn’t appreciate.

About a month ago, Ben Cody saw a now hiring sign outside of his local McDonald’s. He decided to apply and got the job. “I do any cleaning stuff,” he said.

His mom, Alisa Cody says, “He loves having a job, and being able to make money, and being able to buy something good.”

Ben’s favorite part about working is the nice people and the good food. His mom said he was adopted and was born with a unique condition, “He has fetal alcohol syndrome and that made reading and math very difficult.”

However, that hasn’t stopped him from reaching his goals. “He does all the things that he can to his best abilities,” Alisa adds.

While working at McDonald’s, he sees a lot of returning customers, but there was one he didn’t know that helped make his day. He explained, “So, I was taking people’s food out to the parking lot and as I was walking back, I saw this guy said ‘Hey, here’s a ten and a five.'”

$15 isn’t a lot to some, but for Ben, it was a big deal.

“That man does not realize how much that tip meant to Ben and I just want him to know that and other people to know, you can make a difference in people’s lives by something small like that,” said Alisa.

For now, Ben is holding on to those two bills, but he thinks he knows what he wants to spend them on. “Spend it on, maybe cars,” he said as he showed his model car collection.

He may never see that customer again, but he said if he did, “I would say thank you so much and bless you so much. You don’t know how you made my day. You’re really a good person. That’s what I’d say to him.”

The one small gesture made a big difference on this special Mcdonald’s employee. Ben was just transferred to McDonald’s on Alcoa Highway across from the airport.

Alisa said he loves it when people just come by to say hello. She also said none of this would be possible without the help of his vocational and employment coach who helped him get the job.

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