Snow fell in much of East Tennessee Sunday morning collecting on grassy surfaces and some roadways.

KCSO is off of their snow plan and will resume answering calls as normal. The Sheriff  is reminding all motorist to still use caution for potentially slick bridges and overpasses.  

Knox County implemented their inclement weather plan till 7:00 a.m. on Monday. There have been eight or more TRT (Tactical Response teams) put in service across Knox County and Knoxville that consist of an EMT and a Paramedic in a 4 wheel drive vehicle that can respond in areas unreachable by conventional emergency vehicles.  

The Tennessee Department of Transportation said operations crews began shift work anticipating the current forecast for this event to last into Monday.  They assigned one HELP unit to District 19, primarily monitoring I-75 in Anderson and Campbell counties, and one HELP unit to District 17, primarily monitoring I-81/I-26 in the Tri-Cities.

Knox County Engineering & Public Works said Sunday morning crews had begun plowing and treating roads. Slushy conditions were reported throughout the county. They asked people to stay off the roads until crews have treated them and conditions improve. KAT buses also began running on Snow Route due to weather and road conditions.

The Knoxville Police Department tweeted roads throughout Knoxville are covered with icy spots, snow or slush. They asked people to continue to use caution while traveling. Multiple wrecks are being reported throughout the area. They are on Severe Weather Plan Level I.