KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Residents are returning to Northgate Terrace following a fire and water damage within the building on Nov. 27. Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation paid for hotels rooms for residents, who did not choose to stay with friends or family, to stay in until repairs were completed.

On Dec. 2, the Knoxville Fire Department Fire Marshal’s Office okayed the reopening of floors 2-5. That evening, at least 52 residents began returning to the building. On Dec. 7, the Fire Marshal’s Office cleared reopening of the remaining floors after the repairs were completed and tested in two of the building’s elevators.

As of Tuesday, residents began returning to all floors on the unaffected side of the building. On Dec. 8, residents will return to floors 9-14 on the affected side. KCDC says these floors are above any possible damage.

KCDC’s contractor is measuring moisture levels in the building and using these levels to determine which areas are ready for resident return and what further repairs may be needed. In addition, temporary fans have been placed to ensure airflow.

KCDC is continuing extensive evaluations of all units on floors 6-8 in the affected side of the building. If damage is found in units in this area, residents may be relocated to other units in the building. If relocation is not possible, they may choose to remain in the hotel or with friends or family until repairs are made. KCDC does not have a timeline for repairs as unit evaluations are ongoing.