KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Josh Brandon says he noticed “#FJB” spray painted on the street in front of his house Friday morning while taking the trash out to the curb. At first glance, he thought the letters were referencing his initials. He later discovered its a derogatory hashtag often used on social media to criticize President Joe Biden.

The letters “FJB” were also painted near the entrance of Brandon’s subdivision. While he believes the incident could have been random, he thinks it’s more likely a targeted effort given his neighbors don’t have paint in front of their homes.

Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler confirmed a report was taken on the alleged vandalism Friday.

Brandon expresses his political views publicly on a podcast he hosts called “Overthinking Everything.” He explained topics range from politics to spirituality, and even include popular TV shows. He said the podcast poses hard questions and points out hypocrisies in society.

“I think sometimes the way I say things may be a little pointed,” he said. “I think when I do a song that’s mocking and poking fun at people for the ridiculous things they say and believe, and I’m openly mocking the hypocrisy within their own religious beliefs tied to that issue, yea, I’m sure that ruffled some feathers.”

Brandon is also openly critical of the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump. Brandon said he is used to criticism and name-calling online, but the graffiti outside his home is unsettling.

“I have a comments section,” he said. “Drop me an email. You disagree with something I say? Leave it in the comments. Troll me. That’s what social media is for, I guess.

“This is trolling on a different level. This is intimidation and terrorism, and I’m not going to back off of it.”

Brandon said the purpose of the show is to better understand others, specifically why those on the other side of issues, such as vaccine mandates, believe a certain way.

“This isn’t OK, whether it’s targeted at me personally, that’s really not OK. But if it’s targeted at the president, that sort of behavior, unchecked, that led to Jan. 6.”