FARRAGUT, Tenn. (WATE) — Areas in Knox County have seen the most snow we’ve had in years.

Some people in Farragut said they got up to 9 inches of snow.

Friday, Tessa Brophy was outside playing in the grass. Saturday she built a snowman.

Tessa said, “I did know it was going to happen but then when I woke up just went in my room and watched my iPad, and then my mom said, ‘look outside’ and there was like five inches of snow.”

It was the most snow Tessa says she’s ever seen.

The fourth-grader was one of many kids out enjoying the change in weather.

“I thought we were done for the season,” said Karen Burnett from Farragut. “We packed all our snow gear away and bought those sleds and thought well maybe we’ll use them next year but we got a little surprise.”

Friday parents were out thinking about mowing the lawn and what they were going to do for spring break.

Saturday they were sledding with their kids and throwing snowballs.

“We were working yesterday, t-shirts some had on shorts but this reminds me of 1993,” explained another Farragut resident, Keith Garrison. “We had a blizzard in march and then in February there was actually a tornado.”

His friend Kevin Burnett added, “I came about this close to mowing the yard and then seeing that the snow was coming I thought you know what I thought better of it because it’s not going to matter anyway.”

Even with the grass-covered and flower buds dusted with snow, kids were having fun no matter what the weather.

“Yeah, we’re supposed to be having picnics and school holidays is next week,” laughed Rafael Araujo. “They’re enjoying it nonetheless.”