Oak Ridge city officials say a sprinkler system was key in putting out a fire at an assisted living facility Friday before it spread to other parts of the building.

The fire was reported around 12:38 a.m. Friday at NHC Healthcare on Laboratory Road. An employee reported seeing fire coming from a clothes dryer and then saw water in the dryer area.

The fire crew controlled the water coming from the sprinkler, closed the gas and disconnected power from all three dryers. No one was injured and there was no fire damage around the dryer. 

The facility was back to normal operation within 24 hours.

The Oak Ridge Fire Department says this was the second time within 24 hours that a lifesaving device properly performed its function in the case of a fire. A house fire was reported on Thursday on East Drive where a smoke alarm woke up the resident and likely saved his life.

Fire officials want to remind everyone that having working smoke alarms and a working home sprinkler system increase your chances of surviving a fire by 80 percent. They also note that all sprinklers do not activate at once, only the one closest to the fire. Ninety percent of the time, one sprinkler contains the fire.