KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — All charges have been dismissed for a manager at a Starbucks location on Cedar Bluff in West Knoxville who was facing charges after Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a domestic incident on Oct. 21. However, the Starbucks manager was not involved with the domestic call.

According to court records, the charges against Nashon Bain-Greenidge, 29, of Oak Ridge have been dismissed Nolle Prosequi, which is a formal notice of abandonment by a prosecutor.

The court records describe the scene that occurred from KCSO Officer Brown’s narrative. On Saturday, Oct. 21 at around 7 p.m., KCSO deputies Brown and Field responded to the Starbucks located at 329 N. Cedar Bluff to assist other officers on a domestic assault call. Upon arrival, officers began conducting their investigation and speaking to the involved woman and the involved man.

That’s when Bain-Greenidge, known as “the arrestee” in the report, exited the store and began questioning the officers.

“Officers told the arrestee several times that we were investigating a police matter and he needed to go back inside,” the report states. “The arrestee continued to ask questions and was told he was impeding the investigation. The arrestee stated he did not like the way he was being addressed and stated ‘he was not that guy.'”

The report states Bain-Greenidge was given multiple chances to return to his work, but he allegedly continued to talk over officers, preventing officers from conducting their investigation into the domestic assault call. Bain-Greenidge continued to argue with officers, and the report states Officer Brown observed him making a fist with his left hand.

“After observing the fist, I quickly grabbed his wrist and elbow in an attempt to control his arm,” Brown noted in the report; Officer Field attempted to grab his right wrist and elbow, but the report states that Bain-Greenidge grabbed the push bar on the business door and actively resisted by not letting go and refusing to listen to commands.

“A struggle with the arrestee ensued and eventually he, Officer Field and myself exited through the door. After exiting, myself and Officer Field attempted to escort the arrestee to the ground when he kicked Officer Field on his right knee, causing discomfort and after escorting the arrestee to the ground, he continued to resist by tensing up his body and tucking his arms under his chest so that officers could not place him in handcuffs,” the report states. “After many repeated commands to stop resisting and a Taser 7 Spark display, he was placed into handcuffs and escorted to a patrol vehicle.”

Bain-Greenidge was examined by a medical team and was cleared, and he also refused further medical treatment, the report states. It was not clear if there were any other arrests related to the initial domestic assault call involving the separate man and woman.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The story has been updated following the charges being dismissed.