CORRYTON, Tenn. (WATE) — Staff Sergeant Ryan Knauss was one of the 13 American service members killed during an attack on the U.S. effort to evacuate thousands from around the Kabul Airport last year, and on Monday his efforts and who he was was recognized in a road naming ceremony.

“As long as we keep saying Staff Sergeant Ryan Christian Knauss, his name, his memory, he will always be here with us,” said Dave Wright, state representative of District 19.

Those from all over Tennessee and outside the state came together for the moment of honor. The local hero’s name can now be seen on stretches on Tazewell Pike and Emory Road.

“It’s important that we come out and recognize who he was,” Tyler Eckhardt, who served with Knauss, said. “It may just be a small thing for a lot of people, and they’ll be driving by the sign and really not pay it any mind, but we’ll all always know what that means.”

His mother, Paula Knauss-Selph shared her gratitude for all who made the road naming ceremony possible.

“I can’t thank again the community and strong leaders in our congressional district, Senator Massey, house representative Dave Wright and other political figures that came out today. They meant everything,” she said.

“I started reading those signs a little bit closer and I hope people will do the same thing,” Greg Knauss, Staff Sgt. Knauss’ father said.

The hope is that these signs will be on way to keep Knuass’s memory alive.