KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — From prayer vigils to flyers, YouTube videos, and now a billboard, people in the community have rallied and are now shepherding efforts to keep Summer Wells‘ name and information on the forefront of people’s minds.

“In four months, nothing has changed,” said Brad Allen, who started the fundraiser for the Fort Henry Drive billboard.

Her face is one people in the community hope everyone recognizes by now, but for an out-of-towner or someone just passing through, you might not know.

“There’s no new information or anything so, we try to hand out flyers, we try to make awareness,” Allen said.

It started with businesses offering free printing so volunteers could do the groundwork effort of posting, every road, everywhere.

Local YouTube duo Camden and Allison Hillman contributed to the billboard effort that partners with LAMAR Advertising.

“It shows different views of what she’s looked like so matter what her hair length, weight, height- hopefully it just brings something,” Camden said of the flyer.

The realization for the Hillmans was that after four months, Summer Wells could be anywhere.

“We were surprised at how many people in this area just don’t know about it, I guess,” Allison said. “Or maybe just have forgotten about it and it’s kind of heartbreaking that people in this area are not aware.”

It’s a mishmash group of Youtube content creators, parents, grandparents, and concerned people coming together to have Summer’s info and face reach even further.

“We have enough for two months, and that’s $3,000, and it’s on prepay,” Allen said.

Photos of Summer, a link to her family’s website, and a number to call is displayed on one of the busiest roads in Kingsport.

“The company that is actually putting this up here, said that one million people would end up seeing it through this,” said Camden. “That’s amazing.”

“One person out of a million people,” Allison started to say. “One person can change this case,” said Camden.

The spot on the electronic billboard is paid for through Dec. 19. Those who have contributed are hoping it won’t need to even be up until then.

“There’s always somebody that knows something, so if we can get that one person to ride by here and say ‘Hey, I’ve seen her. I know. Let me call.’ That’s my hope and prayer,” Allen said.