KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) —  It is time to take flight at Zoo Knoxville with their all-new Soaring Eagle zipline experience!

“Soaring Eagle is an exhilarating flight experience and an exciting way to see the zoo from an eagle’s-eye view. This tandem zip ride pulls guests backwards to the top of the ravine. After taking in the view at 65 feet above the treetops, they are released to glide back to the landing pad at over 100 feet,” said Zoo Knoxville.

The zipline holds two people and is priced at $13 per rider. There is also a back-to-back ride option where you stay seated and go for another ride that is offered for $22 per rider. Or if you decide to ride again later in the day you can hop on the zipline again for $9 per rider.

Photo and video packages are also available. To learn more visit Zoo Knoxville’s website here.