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Tate's School celebrates Civil War Day

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Students at Tate's School had the opportunity Thursday to get up close and personal with history.

It was Civil War Day, where fifth graders could interact with period reenactors, learn about medicine and clothing from the time, and even eat hardtack.

Teachers at the school believe getting out of the classroom can result in a better connection to history.

"It's one thing to learn facts and to learn dates and to memorize those things, but when we can put some realism, some faces, some emotion in with that learning, then it kind of sticks in their brain when they can make a connection to it," said fifth grade history teacher Melissa Carey.

Civil War Day is a way for students to fall in love with history. The school wants to thank the volunteers who came out and helped students learn in such an exciting way.


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