TDOT: Potholes hard to fix during cold, rainy weather

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Potholes are hard to miss when driving on heavily-traveled roads such as Interstate 40 or 640, but they might have seemed worse after the historic rain Tennessee received recently.

That’s because potholes can occur when cold weather and rain mixes inside the cracks that are already on the roadways, according to Mark Nagi, spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Nagi said road crews have been trying to patch them up every day, but it’s only a temporary fix because of the cold weather and even more so because of the rain.

“If we get more rain like we had on Sunday, like we’re getting unfortunately late on this week, those potholes may end up opening up again,” Nagi said.

A more permanent fix for potholes would be to repave the roadway. Nagi said the department usually starts its resurfacing projects during the spring when hot asphalt becomes available.

He said crews repave interstates about every eight to 10 years and state roads about every 12 years unless they need to be repaved sooner.

Drivers will most likely always see potholes though.

“Unfortunately, potholes are something that happen. We haven’t come up with a solution yet. No one has come up with a solution yet to not have potholes exist anymore,” Nagi said.

Nagi said drivers should always report any road issues they come across, including potholes.

To report state road issues, call 865-594-2408 or visit TDOT’s website at

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