KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Four people, including two teenagers, were honored by the Medal of Honor Society Friday in Knoxville for selfless bravery that helped save lives.

Dozens of people are in town for the Medal of Honor Society’s annual convention and Friday the non-profit hosted the Citizen Honors Awards Dinner.

562 that’s how far I live from here,” said Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis. “Some of the guys live out in California.”

Davis was awarded the Medal of Honor after his heroic efforts during the Vietnam War. Some call Davis ‘the real Forrest Gump.’ However, Friday was about recognizing citizens whose actions truly define courage.

“We’re just biking around and all of a sudden we hear a lady yelling for help,” Joseph Diener said.

Diener and his friend Dominic Viet are from Missouri and sprang into action last summer when they heard that call for help. The two teens saved a woman from drowning during a flash flood. She was clinging for life on pole when they spotted her.

“Swam out there and got her off the pole,” Diener recalled. “At one point I grabbed the pole to see what it was like. It was super slick. I don’t how she stayed on there that long.”

“She was starting to cough up water a little bit,” Viet said. “We are trained for CPR so we could have done that but it didn’t look like she needed that. Then the fire department came soon after and gave her the care she needed.”

Viet and Diener are two of the four Citizen Honors Awards Honorees this year and they say they don’t think twice when it comes to lending a helping hand.

“More people need to have the mindset to just do something like that and be able to save someone who needs help,” Viet said.

The boys, who are also Boy Scouts, added they haven’t reconnected with the woman they saved but hope she is doing well.

Jonathan Bauer and Captain Bret Storck were also recognized for their heroism during Friday’s event. Bauer saved a two-year-old during a car crash in Maryland. As for Storck, a firefighter in Texas, he rescued a woman from a burning car.