KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One group is on a mission to put a stop to abortions. They’re called the Church at Planned Parenthood or TCAPP. They hold services outside of Planned Parenthoods across the country. On Tuesday, they held one in Knoxville, marking their third event.

“We like to do it right here as close as we can to the abortion facility because it makes it real,” said TCAPP founder, Pastor Ken Peters.

“We literally feel the spiritual warfare we feel good and we feel evil and so when we go to a place that we feel has evil going on in it, now not everybody is evil in it but you can feel the tension and it adds to the intensity and the passion,” Peters said.

This demonstration isn’t exclusive to Knoxville. Peters started TCAPP almost three years ago in Spokane, Wash. Since then, he’s been holding services at Planned Parenthoods across the country, and gaining a following as he goes.

Even though they are opposing abortion, organizers make it clear this is not a protest. There were no signs, no chants, and they held the service after the Planned Parenthood was closed.

“It’s our way of shining a light for the glory of God, traffic comes by, they see us worshipping, it also shines a light on what we think is an evil industry,” Peters said.

The Knoxville Planned Parenthood location was forced to close for the day on Jan. 22 after someone fired a shotgun at the doors of the clinic.

Planned Parenthood officials sent a statement addressing the recent uptick in demonstrations to WATE:

“I’ve been with Planned Parenthood in Knoxville for 10 years. And this is new. We’re seeing more folks who are trying to engage with patients, trying to engage with us. Ken Peters, who started The Church At Planned Parenthood, is not from TN. He moved here last year and since then, we’ve seen an uptick in the amount of protest activity we have. Ken Peters doesn’t represent our community. How could he? He doesn’t know our community. He doesn’t know that in East Tennessee, we value the ability of families to make decisions that are right for them without interference from politicians. This community supports access to reproductive health care.”

Tory Mills, PPTNM Director of Community Engagement

Officials with Tennessee Advocates for Planned parenthood also sent a statement:

“By and large, the vast majority of Tennesseans want to see Roe v. Wade remain the law of the land. Most Tennesseans want to make sure that abortion remains safe and legal, because we know that banning abortion doesn’t eliminate abortion. It just makes it illegal and unsafe. And people here understand that.”

Francie Hunt, executive director, Tennessee Advocates for Planned Parenthood