KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Several lights and Christmas holiday decorations used by Norris Shines and the Norris Lions Club were stolen from B & C Storage on East Norris Road.

The theft was discovered Saturday morning by a Norris Lions Club member who was going to build shelves in some of the units used by the club. The Lions Club allows Norris Shines to share their storage space for free.

According to the Norris Shines, over 11,000 Christmas lights, 12-holiday wreaths, a Christmas tree, plus other decorations, and heavy-duty electrical cords were stolen. In addition, a large number of American flags belonging to the Lions CLub are missing.

“Now everything is gone,” said Bonnie Peacock, Chairperson of the Norris Shines Committee. “It’s kind of sad. You know it’s like the Grinch came in and stole our Christmas and now we have to start all over again.”

Peacock says the stolen lights cost more than $1,000. Since 2020, Norris Shines has placed thousands of holiday lights in downtown Norris. The lights and decorations they used were all bought using donations from the community.

Gazebo decorated by Norris Shines in 2021. (Photo via Norris Shines)

“We are not going to allow this Grinch to steal our Christmas,” said Peacock. “This holiday season we are going to put more lights out than ever before!”

If you want to help Norris Shines buy new lights Peacock says you can mail a check to Norris Shines at PO Box 1154, Norris, TN 37828. Those with information about the theft are asked to call Norris Police at 865-494-0880.