KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The summer temperatures are heating up in Knoxville. Here are some tips on how to “heat-proof” your garden for the season.

Wendy Packan, a gardener for Mayo Garden Center in Bearden, has given us some advice to keep your garden looking great this summer.

Packan explained that there are two different types of gardening: inground and container gardening and both require different watering. Inground gardens need deep watering once or twice a week and container gardens need to be watered around two times a day to keep them thriving in the heat.

It is beneficial to research the types of plants you have and see what type of watering is best for them. Packan explains that plants are different in how they like to be watered. Some like to really dry out before their next water and some do not.

“It is preferable to water early in the day and if you need to water again no earlier than mid afternoon or late afternoon. You want to give them enough time to dry off before night,” Packan said ”But you don’t want to put water on those leaves at midday because you can get a sort of magnifying effect and kill plant cells that way.”

She explains another way to keep your plants safe in the summer heat: mulching. The mulch acts as a barrier and protects the “root zone” from direct heat. The mulch also helps keep the water in and keep the soil moist.

For more information on plants and gardening tips you can visit the Mayo website here.