KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Google’s annual ‘Year in Search’ is back once again with new filters to tell you what cities and regions across the country were looking for during an eventful 2022.

Google’s annual review of search data in years past has offered a snapshot of the year’s trends across the globe and some countries. For the first time, insights on searches from specific U.S. cities and their surrounding areas are now available through the new Local Year in Search.

According to Google, the Knoxville area searched for rock and roll more than any other place in the United States in 2022. However, Google said that country was still Knoxville’s most searched music genre.

The Knoxville are was the only place in the country that had sloth bear, a vulnerable species native to the Indian subcontinent, as its top trending animal.

The Knoxville area searched for “cheapest gas near me‘” in 2022 three times more frequently than in 2021. Unsurprisingly, ‘Gas prices near me’ was the top “near me” search in America in 2022.

The top 10 “near me” searches in the Knoxville area

  1. Cheapest gas
  2. Gas prices
  3. Plasma donation centers
  4. Jamaican food
  5. Road conditions
  6. Power outage
  7. Estate Sales
  8. Movie Theatre
  9. Payday loans
  10. Movies playing

The top trending recipe search in the Knoxville area was for ‘ranch water,’ a drink containing tequila, mineral water and lime juice. Knoxville was one of only four places with this top trending recipe along with Salisbury, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Salinas, California.

The Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna,’ which chronicled the rise and fall of convicted fraudster Anna Sorkin, came in as the No. 5 trending TV show in America in 2022. Knoxville native and former friend of Sorokin, Rachel Williams, sued Netflix over her portrayal in the series.

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