Tusculum graduate describes aftermath of Georgia tornado

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President Donald Trump toured the devastation of Sunday’s deadly tornado outbreak. Both Alabama and Georgia were hit. 

WATE 6 On Your Side reporter Elizabeth Kuebel spoke with a Tusculum graduate now living in Georgia. He’s describing the aftermath of the powerful storms.

“If you were to walk through Talbotton and you were to see a picture of Talbotton before, you would say to yourself, ‘this cannot be the same city,'” said Vinton Copeland. 

Copeland serves as a pastor in the city of Talbotton, Georgia. It was pummeled by a tornado over the weekend.

“A lot of my members lost their homes. So many were without power for days, there are still some who are without power now. And our city has just been torn apart,” Copeland said.

Storms ripped through Georgia and Alabama Sunday. Copeland snapped video of the damage he toured. The images, he says, are surreal.

“It’s very heartbreaking and it’s really to the point where it’s just unrecognizable,” he said.

Now, days later, he says, the focus of the city is on cleaning up and rebuilding from an act of Mother Nature unlike one he’s ever seen before.

The process, of course, has been difficult but encouraging, he says, to see people coming together.

“This has been something that has really taught us many lessons about preparation, about how to be okay when sometimes things just fall apart and you still have to maintain your dignity and also your integrity and also be willing to be helped by other people,” Copeland said.

We also asked Copeland about a message he’s hoping to spread from Georgia to all of us here in Knoxville.

He said despite any sort of storm in life, you can always make it through. 

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