KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — One Knoxville woman is looking for the perfect match.

Dani Lorson is battling Leukemia for the third time in her life and is in need of a stem cell transplant donor.

Before her diagnosis, she loved to go on adventures.

Lorson said when asked the question, “Favorite place I’ve gone to? Definitely Paris. You can just walk around the city and just be entertained.”

After traveling the world and graduating with a performing arts degree from Alabama, Lorson moved to Tennessee to pursue a professional dance career.

However, that all stopped when she was diagnosed with Leukemia for the third time in her life.

“Last time I was able to travel was mid-June for my brother’s wedding,” she said. “It was just all and all such a great weekend of celebrating.”

That trip also ended up being the one-year anniversary of her last stem cell transplant. A few days after that trip, she went to the doctor for an annual checkup.

“She says, ‘there’s a little something in your blood that I don’t really like. It could be nothing,'” Lorson said. “I get a call a few days later and they tell me the cancer is back.”

Finding her first donor for a stem cell transplant wasn’t easy.

“It was an amazing feeling to have been on this waitlist and then get the call that you have your match.”

Now, she has to go through the process all over again.

“I’m in treatment and currently trying to prep for my second transplant.”

She’s asking people to sign up to become a donor with the organization Be The Match.

“It started because I wanted to find my match, I’m not going to lie, but it has become so much bigger than me.”

Her story has encouraged over a thousand people to sign up to become a donor.

Now she’s hoping you could be hers.

“Ultimately I am hoping that my life will be saved, and I get to spend more time with my friends, and my amazing family, and my precious husband, and I hope I get more time with them. That’s what I hope.”

Anyone ages 18-40 years old can sign up to join the registry by texting “DaniTN” to 61474 or by visiting

Be The Match will mail a cheek swab kit to your home. Be The Match covers the entire cost of the transplant for the donor plus flights, hotels, and meals. Be The Match covers recipient costs that are not covered by insurance.