KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)– A Knoxville woman was left frustrated and in the cold after the Greyhound bus line switched their drop-off and pick-up site without warning.

As we reported previously, the company moved drop-off and pick-up locations back in April to a gas station without restrooms or shelter. The location has now changed again without warning to customers.

Customers told us that both times they were never told about the change.

Ada Catron just wanted to visit her friends in Cincinnati. She said she’s used Greyhound Bus Lines dozens of times in the past and has never had an issue with the company until now.

Back in April Greyhound moved locations from the bus station on East Magnolia Avenue to North Cherry Street next to the Marathon Gas Station.

That’s where Ada Catron was waiting on her bus that was scheduled to leave at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night. She even arrived a half hour early, as advised by Greyhound.

She said she got a text from the company saying the bus was running late.

“We sat there until 2:30, no bus,” Catron said. “Then I called Greyhound and they said, ‘well I’m sorry, we can give you another ticket,’ and said that the bus bypassed us. I asked them why. They couldn’t give me a direct answer.”

She was given a new ticket with the same pick-up location, but over the phone, they told her the new pick-up location is at 6th Avenue Market and Deli on North Sixth Avenue.

She called the location to check. The person over the phone told her they just became the new location Monday evening.

“We are excited to have identified a new location that will provide restrooms, seating, and security for our customers,” a Greyhound spokesperson said in a statement sent to WATE.

Catron said she never got a text or email about the location change and again, her new ticket still says North Cherry Street.

She said she’s hesitant to use the company again since they don’t offer refunds and thinks they should communicate with their customers better.

“I feel like they scammed us because there were other passengers out there waiting just like I was and they want their money back.”

We went by the new location at 6th Avenue Market and Deli. Several people told us they had the same issue.

Their ticket also said North Cherry Street, but when they called Greyhound, the company told them to wait at the new location.

They never got a text or updated email informing them of the switch.

Ada Catron said she doesn’t have a car, so riding the bus is her only option. Not only does she have to hope her bus shows up she says it’s difficult to even find a ride to get to the bus stop and have someone wait with her until her bus arrives.

She added that she didn’t feel safe waiting alone at either location.