MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The ball is in Dr. Jimmy Carter’s court. He can now make the decision whether to return as Union County Director of Schools or not.

It was a quick meeting Friday for board members to agree to reconsider their decision accepting Dr. Jimmy Carter’s resignation.

“For 10 years he’s been the director we’ve come a long ways,” District 5 school board member Danny Wayne Collins said. “And I don’t want to step back. I want to go forward.”

Collins and others call Thursday’s verdict a mistake while tensions were running high.

District 3 school board member Casey Moore said, “I think we can work with Jimmy. I think some changes need to be made. Several changes need to be made but I second the motion. I think we have the director here that we need at this school system. I do.”

“We can make a mistake as humans and I want to try to fix what went wrong,” Collins said.

A few people addressed the board Friday urging the elected to rethink Thursday’s resignation vote.

“Academically, we have achieved more than in the past,” Maynardville Elementary School Principal Lisa Carter said. “Mr. Collins, the board member, said ‘you know, at one time we were fourth in the state for our academic growth.’ And does he (Dr. Carter) do things correctly? Yes. Does he do things the way I want him to? No. I mean he has the entire weight of the school system on his shoulders.”

Dr. Carter resigned Thursday following complaints about bullying and other disciplinary concerns specifically at the county middle school.

“Any time there’s a bullying incident, even reported it is thoroughly investigated,” Big Ridge Elementary Principal Kim Turner said. “It is thoroughly investigated even if it was found to not be valid. We still investigate it and notify the parents.”

Lisa Carter said, “We handle those and we’re not at liberty to discuss those with parents other than the child and that child’s parents. We can talk about what that child and that child’s parent and that’s it. And people have a hard time with that.”

According to Principal Carter, she’s only heard rumors about situations at the middle school but assures Dr. Carter could get the problems fixed quickly.

She said, “I am pleased that it’s headed in the right direction. I probably won’t be totally at peace until I know for sure Dr. Carter is willing to come back.”

The Union County school board will meet again Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the high school.