KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Homecoming festivities at the University of Tennessee continued on Wednesday night with the annual “Smokey’s Howl” competition.

“We’ve got 13 organizations doing some sort of cheer or dance competition and we’re really excited about the energy that they’re going to bring tonight,” Co-homecoming chair Jacob Maples said.

The event took place at UT’s student union as different campus organizations showcased their dance skills. Maples said that this is just one step towards earning the title of “homecoming champion.”

“Organizations compete in all of our events to become the overall homecoming champion,” Maples said. “So this is just one of the eight events that we put on, but it is a lot of fun. Groups have been working since last Tuesday, so it’s kind of short notice.”

This came after the “Tower of Cans” event earlier, in which groups donated more than 52,000 pounds of canned food that was then donated to local food pantries in the area.

Maples said that while this event was more geared towards fun, it was interesting to see the diversity amongst the acts.

“Every group just brings a different energy,” Maples said. “So it’s really interesting and exciting to see just what’s going to make them stand out from everyone else.”