KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The images from Las Vegas are everywhere on TV and social media. We cannot seem to escape seeing the tragic events, and even if you were not there the more you see, the more it can impact you.

“Most of us walk around attached to our phones and there are constant updates, and social media, and everyone’s talking about it,” said Dr. Laura Wheat.

Wheat is Assistant Professor of Counselor Education at UT and specializes in helping people learn to cope with the devastating sights and sounds like what we are seeing out of Las Vegas.More online: Latest on Las Vegas shooting

She says pacing yourself is key. It is okay to log off your social media that is flooded with hard-to-see posts, and always know when to reach out for help, even if that means going to family and friends to talk it through.

“When you can find support in the real world, I think that’s extremely helpful. When communities come together and help each other, I think that’s extremely helpful,” Wheat said.

For children the images can be even harder to comprehend. Wheat says it is best to bring it up to your kids because they are likely hearing about the events somewhere, and it is okay to admit to them if you do not understand it yourself.

“Reassurances that I’m still here. I’m taking care of you. I’m keeping you as safe as I can, those kinds of things are helpful too,” Wheat said.

While many of us are searching for answers in the wake of events like this Wheat says no matter how far removed we may think we are from it, it can still affect us and self-care is more important than ever.

“Whatever it is that tends to uplift your mood, do that. Do more of that to take care of yourself,” Wheat said.

Wheat said if you are feeling extreme amounts of anxiety or cannot shake the feeling of being hopeless or helpless, seek professional counseling.