KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — As the regular season for Tennessee football is wrapping up, many celebrated Senior Day at last week’s game against Missouri.

Those on and off the field took their final moments at Neyland Stadium, including one senior who has gotten a lot of attention on TikTok, and decided to document his last home game on the app.

“Well, that’s it, it’s over,” said Max Thompson in a video he uploaded on TikTok after the game. 
Four years ago, Thompson didn’t think he would be that emotional walking out of his last home football game.

“Being with my friends in a stadium like that with 101, 915 other people were really cool, and I just wanted to try and be mindful of that the entire time to make sure I didn’t forget to appreciate the fact that I was there,” he explained. 

Four years ago, Thompson also didn’t think that his TikTok videos would gain so many views.

“With the student interviews, it’s about 171 million views just on the student interviews which is mind-boggling, it’s insane to me,” Thompson said.  

He laughed and added, “I think my mom’s at least a couple thousand of those.”

The marketing and business analytics student thought creating content specifically for college students would be fun.

“I started making videos fall of my freshman year, pre-pandemic, late 2019 because I loved the app and it was so easy to make things,” he said.

Four years later: “I’ve probably interviewed between four and five hundred students. And every single one of them has been an awesome conversation. Everyone has been either really interesting or really funny or really relatable. So that’s why it’s been so easy to do what I’ve been doing.”

His videos have been entertaining and relatable for many students across the country. This includes the video he posted walking out of Neyland Stadium. 

It was a bittersweet day for Thompson, a moment he shared with his over a hundred and one thousand close friends in the stands, and even more online.

“There have been so many awesome memories from this season,” he said.

While his last game as a student at Neyland is in the past, the memory lives forever on his social media. Thompson says he’s not sure what type of content he will be creating on his TikTok account once he graduates, but he says he will continue to make videos.