A member of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Tennessee has been suspended from the sorority pending further investigation after a video of her making a racial remark surfaced online Thursday. 

The UT chapter of AXO tweeting the video was “outrageous and racist” – going on to say they suspended the member and that, “Our chapter and this entire campus should be able to expect far more from our members.”

The tweet was in reply to another user’s tweet that shared the video, calling out the sorority chapter that the “disgusting behavior” from one of its members “should not be tolerated.”

The university released a statement Friday on the incident: 

“The racism displayed in this video does not belong on Rocky Top and does not represent our community’s values of civility and inclusion. The Dean of Students and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life have been in touch with UT’s Alpha Chi Omega chapter and its national headquarters.”

The statement goes on to say federal law prohibits the university from sharing how the university handles matters with individual students. 

The national chapter of the Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity, Inc. released the following statement regarding the UT student’s actions: 

“The racist behavior displayed in this video is abhorrent and grotesque. Upon learning of this member’s actions and seeing the outrageous conduct displayed in the video posted yesterday, the leadership of our chapter at the University of Tennessee immediately suspended the member seen in the video. Alpha Chi Omega has since begun the formal process of membership termination. We are committed to being a partner to the University of Tennessee and the entire university community; our members, and their peers across campus, deserve far better than the conduct displayed here.”