KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — After spending several nights on the street, some University of Tennessee (UT) students are celebrating the fact their stress is now gone as others say that stress continues.

For the past three days, a large group of UT students have called the curb their home. All of them chose to camp and wait along South 17th Street and White Avenue to increase their chance of renting an apartment at The Standard, an apartment complex that’s become one of the most sought-after along the strip.

“One, there’s five-bedroom rooms, two, it’s literally around everything, and then three I feel like a lot of people came from the ten if they didn’t get a room there and this is kind of the next best option,” explained UT student Dori Lauth.

Some students said they want to be within walking distance of campus.

“It’s close to the student union and the library,” said student Carly Hedstrom. “I’m a business major so I’m going to have classes at Haslam, which is pretty close to here, too.”

Others said they chose to wait in order to avoid the dorms.

“The dorms, you know, got to follow other people’s regulations,” student Charles Darwin told WATE. “It’s not great. We’ve gotten some noise complaints and you have to deal with another person. Living in your own space off campus would be great.”

“It’s not like, ‘Oh I don’t want to live with someone or oh, I don’t want to have an RA [resident assistant] watching over me,” said student Leigh Ogrady. “They’re just actually disgusting. There’s mold in my shower, there’s mold in my bathroom, there’s mold in my walls.”

WATE reached out to the University of Tennessee about this situation. We received the following statement:

Our students are always our first priority. While we do not have direct affiliation with most off-campus housing, the university has an off-campus housing website where students can search for off campus housing, compare rates, and connect with resources. Additionally, University Housing is sponsoring an off-campus housing fair on October 27, providing students the opportunity to visit with off-campus properties in close proximity to campus. We are continuing to look at how we can expand residence hall options in the future.

Statement from Frank Cuevas, Vice Chancellor for Student Life

The Standard According to the Standard’s parent company, the building features 237 units and 672 beds. As of Tuesday evening, the Standard was sold out of five-bedroom apartments–one of the more popular units.