MCMINN COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — Tennessee prosecutors are planning to seek the death penalty for the two suspects in a 2021 McMinn County quadruple murder. One of the victim’s mothers said she wants justice for her son but believes nobody comes out the winner with the death penalty in the case.

Charlene James remembers her son, Tremon Hall, fondly and misses him very much.

“He was taller than I am so he would kiss me right on top of the forehead,” James said. “Right in the center of my head so I remember just little things like that.”

Hall was 36 years old when he was shot and killed at a home on County Road 60 in Riceville.

“Holidays were very rough. Three months ago my husband passed and it’s just been very devastating because I lost my son then here within six months I lost my husband so it’s been pretty rough,” said James.

Police located the crime scene after speaking with two witnesses who had escaped the shooting. Authorities found three women, Skylar Hawn, 24; Jesse Dupree, 40; and Brandi Harris, 39, shot dead along with Hall in the home.

Curtis Smith of Etowah and Jazzmine Hall of Athens have been charged with murder in the case. Now 10th Judicial District Attorney General Stephen Crump says the state will seek the death penalty for the two suspects.

“No matter what happens nobody wins in this situation,” James said. “I wish we could go back and take all this stuff away but we can’t. That’s the one thing about it, we can’t live in reverse.”

McMinn County Sherriff Joe Guy said at the time of the quadruple murder, there was a custody dispute involving Jazzmine and Tremon Halls’ 10-month-old son, then shots rang out.

Tremon’s mom now takes care of the child.

James said, “He’s just our sunshine. He has been a light in all this darkness.”

James lives in Vidalia, Ga., and says she will be at the trial in Tennessee for her son’s alleged killers when it’s scheduled.