KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – A Vol fan showed a lot of excitement after Tennessee beat Alabama. However, he didn’t expect what would happen next.

Matt Wheeler tore his ACL after being seen on camera jumping in excitement after Tennessee won against Alabama in the Saturday football game. He was seen stumbling while attempting to stand up straight.

Wheeler said he realized his knee popped and knew something was wrong.

“I went straight to the ground holding my knee. I broke my foot two years ago and kind of felt a similar pop.”

Wheeler didn’t allow his leg to interrupt his celebration. He added that he got emotional. Not from the pain but because Tennessee won. He later went to the doctor to get his leg checked and soon found out that he had torn his ACL.

“I showed the doctor the video. They said, ‘Yeah, that sounds pretty accurate for an ACL tear. It doesn’t take much to do.’ And I just happen to get unlucky,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler is currently healing but doesn’t regret a second of his celebration for Tennessee.

“I guess it was worth it because of how long it had been since Tennessee had beaten Alabama,” he said. “In the moment, to see them do it for the first time, as long as it was, it was absolutely worth it.”