Wedding bells are ringing during the Vols bye week – lots of them – keeping this downtown Knoxville salon busy and booked.  The women working at Bat N Rouge Beauty are constantly on their feet. 

“Oh definitely,” said Larain Myers with Bat N Rouge. “Right now we have like four weddings booked that we’ve had booked since like April.”

Myers and her coworkers make sure brides look perfect on their big day. The business provides everything from eyelash extensions to wedding hair and makeup.

With the Vols having a bye this week, the staff has a few more brides than they do on any other weekend of the season. 

“Specifically with the weekend, with no game, they are taking advantage of that,” said Myers. “So, we have a lot going on this week.”

Flowers are a big part of the wedding preparations, too. 

Walta Patt has been the owner of Powell Florist for 29 years. She said she can always count on the bye week to bring in more business

“All the brides want to have their weddings on the weekend when there is no ball game,” said Patt. “So, they start stacking up, and parties and everything like that, people trying to get it all done when the ball game’s not going on.”

Patt says she has learned how to handle the extra orders. 

“Staff more and be ready,” said Patt. “Have your flowers ordered and just more work. Everything else kind of seems to get busier to at the same time, so, you have to be ready for it.”

The Vols have two bye weeks in the 2019 season. Both businesses are already getting calls for both of those weekends.