KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Easter allows for fresh starts and new beginnings and that’s what CareCuts of Knoxville aims to provide to those in the community experiencing homelessness in Knoxville every Sunday. From food to clothing, the founder of the organization, Marti Baker said it’s a foundation that’s needed for many.

“It started with a haircut, and that’s where the trust comes,” Baker said. “Then you feed them, give them clean clothing and all that, but if they don’t trust, they’re not going to move forward because a lot of their trust is broken,” she said.

Hundreds of people experiencing homelessness, or need support, stop by every week. It’s a time volunteers are glad to lend a hand.

“It’s just very gratifying and makes you thankful for what you have,” Kevin Hammett, a volunteer said. “You know we were called to serve. The greatest honor is to serve fellow human beings,” he said.

A time where no matter the person’s story, helping them to get back on their feet is the number one goal. 

“We try to give a hand up,” a board member of CareCuts, Todd Jewell said. “I talked to a guy today who two years ago was serving the homeless himself and here he is needing services. We serve every day and we try to represent Christ,” he said.

Baker said they are currently in need of men’s shoes sizes 9 and up, and jeans sizes 28-34. To donate you can see donation option on CareCuts website. They are also looking to work with any individuals or companies willing to sponsor the organization.