KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Experts say if you want to get everything checked off your Christmas shopping list, you’d better start now. With supply chain issues impacting the toy and electronics industry, the race is on to get those Christmas gifts before it’s too late.

Senior Editor of The Toy Book, James Zahn, says supply chain issues are threatening to leave shelves across the country empty.

“What this is really leading to at the end of the day for mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, any gift-givers out there is there are regional outages when it comes to certain products, including toys,” Zahn said.

The shortages stem from many small issues in the chain including not enough truck drivers and a scarcity of raw materials. Tall Man Toys and Comics in Knoxville has seen some of the effects of the cracks in the supply chain.

“You’ll have stuff that comes in at different times. Usually, you get an invoice like the week before now we’re getting it the week after the stuff comes so it’s hard to gauge what’s coming,” said owner, Mike Hermann.

Hermann says he’s dodging any uncertainties in shipping by buying more product now. Bigger stores may not have the same luxury as the holidays get closer.

“You might go into your local retailer today and see fully packed shelves and think supply chain issue? I’m not seeing it. The thing is, these shelves may not get restocked again before the holidays,” Zahn said.

Experts say in addition to shopping early, shopping small may be the way to go.”Independent toy stores are really such a huge and important part of the toy industry in general,” Zahn said.

“Essentially when you see the big box stores are pretty much out of business in the toy department, your small box guys are going to be the ones to take care of you. So it’s definitely gonna be the year for the small box retailer,” Hermann said.