West Knoxville family still dealing with impacts of last weekend’s flooding

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A family in West Knoxville is still dealing with the impact of last weekend’s heavy rain. Lingering floodwater has left them with no way to get in or out of their home.

They live on Pensacola Road. That’s in the Cedar Bluff area. 

Six On Your Side’s Elizabeth Kuebel talked to one woman who’s been stuck for the past week.

The situation is making traveling impossible. The only road leading to and from Macy Halladay’s home, right now is impassable. 

“We can’t leave, our cars are stuck here. To get out, to get to work, to get our kids to school, we have to hike through our backyard, the next yard and catch a ride off of Dutchtown,” Halladay said. “You can’t see it, but the road dips really deep, and so we guess it’s probably 5 or 6 feet deep.”

On top of that, rain continued to fall for most of the day Sunday. 

That has Halladay on edge, but her biggest concern is thinking about the worst case scenarios.

“We’re nervous about any type of emergency that would happen. We’ve got children, newborn babies on this road,” she said.

That has Halladay calling for a permanent solution.

“I would love to see this problem solved, someone to come out and figure it out and then maybe in the future have a different solution, I’m not an engineer, so that the water doesn’t pool like this again, because it is a lot to try to manage here being stranded,” the West Knoxville resident said.

Meanwhile, Tennessee’s Emergency Management Agency says a “State of Emergency” remains in place in our state.

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