KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – An attempted burglary in West Knoxville ended with the homeowner pointing his gun at the intruder.

Kevin Lindsay said he heard an uneasy sound from his back door in the Farmington neighborhood off Northshore Drive around 10 a.m. while he was doing laundry. He walked around the corner and said he found a man trying to break in. Lindsay ran upstairs and grabbed his gun.

“My house and my family are sacred to me,” he said.

Lindsay said he pointed the gun at the intruder and the attempted burglar then ran away. It was an unexpected ordeal that was over in a matter of seconds. No one was hurt.

“I was homeless for a period and it took many years to get to where I am now. I have a wife and a home, and I am not going to let anyone take that from me,” said Kevin Lindsay.

His wife Bethany was not home at the time. She said she was relieved to hear her husband had a way to defend himself and admitted she was hesitant about a gun at first.

“I am happy that Kevin was not hurt. He wasn’t able to get in our house, and he didn’t have to make a decision he didn’t want to have to make,” she said.

The couple did not have an alarm system in place. Kevin Lindsay said he’s looking into getting a home security system. They are also thinking about getting cameras set up.

Knox County Sheriff’s Office said they looked for the suspect that morning but weren’t able to find one.