KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — A pair of restaurant employees are recounting a frightening encounter with a customer they say was armed with an AK-47.

It happened at the Little Caesars on Cedar Bluff Road earlier this month.

A police report says Charles Doty Jr. went in with an AK-47 after he was told that he’d have to wait 10 minutes for his pepperoni pizza.

Kimberleigh Murrell and Noah Beeler were there. It was their first day on the job.

“I never expected somebody to come in over a $6 pizza that you paid for. With a gun,” Murrell said.

She and Beeler still can’t make sense of what happened.

“I was the only one up front, taking orders, running up front. He orders a pepperoni pizza,” Murrell said. “I’m like, ‘I’m sorry. There’s going to be a ten minute wait.’ He gets mad, frustrated and is like give me breadsticks.”

After that, things escalated. A police report states Doty went outside to wait and returned with an AK-47.

Murrell said she was taking care of a customer.

“I handed her her crazy sauce,” Murrell said. “I’m about to have her leave, walking out. He comes in, the gun is pointed like this, held down a little bit. Then I look at it. My eyes drop to the gun. And he literally pulls it up, points it at me, semi-points at her, and says, ‘Where is my pizza? I want my pizza now.'”

Murrell said she rushed to the back of the store, and her boyfriend Beeler went up front.

“I go up front to deal with the customer and the gun. I am like man, what is going through your head right now,” Beeler said.

They say the other customer ended up giving Doty her pepperoni pizza and he left.

“It wasn’t even a ten-minute wait when he came in with the gun. If he would have not come in with the gun and waited another two maybe three minutes, it would have already been boxed and in his hands,” Beeler said.

Murrell no longer works at Little Caesars. Beeler still does.

Doty was arraigned in court Tuesday. He doesn’t have an attorney yet. He’s due back in court at the end of the month.