Reymunda Lopez was one of 97 people detained during an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Raid in Morristown on Thursday. 

“I started to grab all of my coworkers and telling them run, run, but we realized we could no longer escape,” said Lopez.

Lopez described the situation as terrifying. 

“They gathered us in the middle of all of the cattle and told us to put our hands behind our heads and not to resist arrest because if they did they were going to hand cuff us.”

Lopez says she was detained for 12 hours.

“When we got taken to the bathroom, the police officer did a full body scan, searched even under the undergarments.”

She says paperwork was filed for her to be sent to Louisiana but says she was released when her diabetes and blood pressure became dangerous. She is awaiting her court date next month. 

“We still don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re still terrified and scared of what might happen.”

Lopez says she moved from Mexico to Morristown 18 years ago when her two-year-old son needed medical treatment to keep him from going blind.

“We were told that here is where the best doctors are and he could get surgery to make sure he wouldn’t lose his eye sight. We never thought twice to come and search for that possibility for him to be able to keep his eyesight.”

Now she faces the aftermath of the decision as she and her coworkers wait to find out what happens next. 

“The biggest pain that I’ve gotten is seeing the faces they had as I was being released and them wondering ‘why is she being released?’ So, I’m asking the community to please support them and their families and to make sure that their kids are good and have all the resources that they need.”