KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Haven Carroll got more than she anticipated from her most recent trip home to East Tennessee. A police chase that started at a Weigels convenience store, off East Emory Road, ended across the street from her father’s home off Clinton Highway.

Carroll counted more than a dozen police cars and noticed multiple helicopters flying overhead. That’s when she decided to get out her phone.

“I’ll be honest, we were just trying to make a TikTok,” Carroll said. “That was pretty much all we were trying to do. Then it actually turned into watching the guy get arrested, which was pretty crazy.

“You don’t really see much of that here, that many cop cars, that was a lot. So, it had to be pretty serious.”

Cody Murphy, 28, was found hiding under a mobile home and arrested, according to a report from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Haven said it’s something her family will likely talk about for a while.

“Cop cars, helicopters, dogs, and he was caught,” she said. “I mean, that’s pretty crazy, honestly. I honestly felt like I was on cops last night.”