A woman is suing Walgreens after she says she had a medical emergency while shopping at the Farragut location, but workers did nothing to help and treated her son like he was trying to steal something when he ran to get help.

A representative of Beasley Allen Law Firm said in a release on May 18, 2017, Jamie Collins Doss was shopping with her son Elijah when she began having a severe medical emergency. Doss has Addison’s disease and began recognizing the signs of a crisis.

Doss sent her son to get her husband who was waiting in the car. Instead, the lawyers say the store manager detained Elijah, kept him from leaving the store, and started searching his backpack as though he had stolen something.

The complaint also says that even though Doss showed her Medic Alert bracelet and asked for help, no one in the store helped her. Eventually, her husband came in looking for his family, but by that time, Doss had lost consciousness.

The suit says Doss suffered a much worse medical crisis than she should have, to the point of threatening her life, and she and her family were all traumatized.

A spokesperson for Walgreens says they do not comment on pending litigation.