KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knox County Engineering and Public Works crews were working throughout July after the storms affected areas in Knox County.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms brought flooding and power outages to areas in Anderson, Blount and Knox Counties. However, in Knox County, one of the areas that were heavily affected was Powell.

Some damage left trees on top of houses, cars and in the middle of the roads.

According to a news release sent from the Office of County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, “Last week’s storm closed many roads, and crews worked diligently to get those roads opened as quickly as possible.”

Some areas were able to be cleared by the community like in Powell, where residents in a Broadacres neighborhood were cleaning up the damages left by a storm.

Now the county is working to make sure the aftermath of the storm throughout the last week of July is cleared. This includes trees that were blocking the roads, road shoulders being washed away by flash flooding and heavy rains, and exposing drains to further erosion.

“Knox County’s Engineering and Public Works crews are such an asset to this community, and I
am grateful for the work they do in weather like this to keep the public safe,” Knox County
Mayor Glenn Jacobs said. “Time and time again, they’ve stepped up during snowstorms and heavy
rain to keep the roads open.”

According to the news release, crews quickly stabilized the hazards and will repair the drains as weather permits in the coming weeks.

“Our crews have been working around the clock for weeks, cutting trees and repairing roads due
to the recent thunderstorms,” said Jim Snowden, senior director of Knox County Engineering
and Public Works.

For anyone who has issues like downed trees, roadway hazards and sinkholes on county roads can call 865-215-5800.