Some of the animals at Young-Williams Animal Center are getting a little more space thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities that allowed for renovations to dog holding areas.

“We take in thousands of dogs every year,” said Courtney Kliman with YWAC. “Some of them have been abused and neglected, and so they’re shy.”

Dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and backgrounds fill the kennels, and now they are getting a little more space.

Renovations to some areas of the shelter are now allowing the dogs to move around more freely.

“Before it was just basic shelter standard space for a dog where they would sleep, use the bathroom, and play all in one space, but now we have doubled the size,” Kliman said.

YWAC used the $16,740 grant from PetSmart Charities to add sliding vertical doors between kennels. When opened it gives the dogs access to at least two kennel areas.

“We get tons of dogs of all sizes, so this will help especially with the larger breed dogs that need that extra space, and it’ll help if we are seeing hundreds of pets at once and we can’t walk all of them at least now we know that they have double the space to play in,” Kliman said.

That extra room lets the dogs release a little more energy, and in high stress situations like an animal shelter that can make a big difference.

“You could tell that they were already destressed. Their body wasn’t as tense. Their tail wasn’t fluffed. They had a relaxed demeanor, so it was good to see that,” Kliman said.

YWAC hopes to add the sliding kennel doors to more areas throughout the shelter.