LOUDON COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — A sheriff’s deputy in Loudon County came face to face with an unusual intruder during a call earlier this month according to the sheriff’s office.

The Loudon County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook about the incident, saying, “We don’t just pull over speeders and arrest bad guys.”

A spokesperson for the department said a woman called on June 1 after she found a snake in her house. K-9 Deputy Eric Curtis responded to the home when the post say he found himself “in quite the predicament.”

K-9 Deputy Eric Curtis with “Karen the Corn Snake.” (Loudon County Sheriff’s Office)

Curtis came face to face with the snake after the resident found it slithering inside the kitchen cabinets. The sheriff’s office said Curtis managed to take the snake, later identified as “Karen the Corn Snake,” into custody safely. The snake was later safely released.

“Our deputies pride themselves with going above and beyond their normal duties, some you could say, are braver than others,” the sheriff’s office said.

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, red corn snakes, sometimes called red rat snakes, are mainly found in the southern two-thirds of East Tennessee and the southwestern corner of the state. TWRA says while the snakes are common, they aren’t often encountered.

The red corn snake is a constrictor, killing its prey of small rodents, frogs, lizards, birds, and bats by wrapping around them and squeezing, TWRA says. According to the agency, some of the best places to find the snakes are in old barns or buildings near mixed pine-hardwood forests, but they are also known to live in wood lots, rocky hillsides, fields, farms, and suburban settings.