KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — WATE is now learning more about a dog that was stabbed multiple times prior to a standoff in Loudon County earlier this week.

Loudon County deputies responded to the disturbance between a father and son. The son was identified as Darian Farley who threatened his father and stabbed the family dog, according to law enforcement.

Farley was soon detained after several hours in the standoff.

The dog survived but was seriously injured and rushed to an emergency vet. It is going to be a long road to recovery for the dog now called Selah.

Selah had several medical issues she had to overcome but her former foster parent says she is a fighter.

Kayla Jenkins fostered Selah for about a month before her new owners adopted her.

“She’s very sassy,” Jenkins said. “She’s very full of herself, she is blind. She is missing one eye. She’s blind in the other eye that she has. She also has something that’s called lockjaw. So, she can only open her mouth about that much. She can open her mouth to chew things but she can’t open and close her mouth like a normal dog can.”

Jenkins said she kept up with Selah’s owners regularly but she knew something was wrong when they called her Tuesday evening. 

“They had stayed in touch with me after adopting her and I truly was grateful for that,” Jenkins said. “I hadn’t spoken to them in probably about a week or two and they called me probably around 7 that night and I knew something was wrong.”

Selah was brought to the emergency vet with several dozen stab wounds. Her fait was unknown. 

“That night was pretty touch and go,” Jenkins said. “She is still alive. She is getting better slowly. She has had, I think two blood transfusions so far.”

Her estimated vet bills are going to be over $10,000.

She adds that she has received several messages regarding what Selah’s future holds.

“I know everyone has questions and concerns about whether she is going back to that home, at this point we’re not really sure. They do love her, they do want her back but she has a long, long road ahead of her,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins said on Wednesday that Selah is up, walking, and doing well.

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