KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The dog stabbed in a Loudon County standoff is now in the care of Young-Williams Animal Center.

Selah, a blind dog with one eye, was rushed to an emergency vet after she was stabbed multiple times during a standoff in Lenoir City on May 2. Young-Williams Animal Center said Selah, who is a previous resident and foster pup of the center, was back in their care on May 12.

Young-Williams says that Selah needs more care than anticipated after the incident and they were able to pick her up thanks to the Loudon County Animal Shelter.

“During our short time with Selah as a foster, we learned that she is a fighter and has
the sweetest personality despite the many challenges she has had to overcome,” Young-Williams said. “Selah is in good spirits and we hope that with our help and the best care, she will
get the happy forever she deserves!”

While there have already been offers to adopt her, Young-Williams says Selah is not available as they are prioritizing her safety and continued recovery supported by a team of local veterinarians. According to the shelter, Selah’s care will be sponsored by their Animal Compassion Fund.