MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mom says her daughter is fighting for her life and will likely never walk again after being shot seven times in the back in front of a Frayser home Wednesday night.

Mary Barron said her daughter, Tameka Barron, had just left her house, and they were still talking on the phone when someone drove up next to her daughter’s car and opened fire.

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Tameka Barron’s car was pulled into the end of this driveway on Coventry when she was shot

“All of the sudden, I just heard tires skidding and aluminum hitting like boom, boom, boom, boom,” said Barron.  “Just a whole lot of noise, and then my daughter screamed, ‘Mama, they are shooting me, they are shooting me, they are shooting me up.'”

It happened in the 4200 block of Coventry Drive. Tameka’s boyfriend, DeAngelo Wright, said they went to his mother’s house to pick up cooking supplies.

Wright said he was in his mother’s backyard when he saw two men get out of a white Pontiac and start shooting toward his mother’s house, hitting his girlfriend’s car.

Glass is storm door was shattered by bullets

“Once it stopped, I went to check on her, and she said she was hit. She said don’t leave her,” said Wright.

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Wright said his mother and three of her grand children, all under the age of nine, were inside the house at the time.

Wright’s mother told police that earlier in the day, a woman had accused another son of breaking into her house and threatened to come back and shoot up her home.

Police circle bullet holes in house on Coventry

Investigators marked off several bullet holes on the home. Wright said police collected 70 shell casings.

Tameka’s mother said her daughter’s car was riddled with bullets from one end to the other.

“I think it’s senseless,” said Barron. “Why? Why would somebody do something like that over some materialistic things they can get back. You can’t get back a person’s life. She can’t get back her walk. She’ll never walk again.”

Tameka Barron

Barron said her daughter has gone through two surgeries, lost one kidney, and said her other kidney is failing. She said her daughter had just gotten a job as a manager of a Dollar General, and all of that has been taken from her.

“By the grace of God, I am glad she is still here even though all things that are wrong with her. I’m just happy she’s still alive,” said Barron. “It could have happened to anyone, but it happened to my child.”

Mary Barron

Barron said right now, her daughter is heavily sedated and faces a long road to recovery. She is asking anyone who knows anything about what happened to contact the police.

“It wasn’t accidental. It was done on purpose, and I think the people who did it need to be brought to justice,” said Barron.

If you can help police with their investigation, call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH,